Token Info:

How is the DragonCurve seed generated?

  • The main source of random for a DragonCurve is a future blockhash. On mint or reroll, each token will point to a future blockhash that will be used as the random seed in addition to the token Id. Other options were considered, but this was chosen for the best user-experience to safety ratio.

What are the estimate gas costs?

  • Assuming 35 gwei gas costs would looks like this:
  • Mint 1-10: ~0.0026077Ξ - 0.0039045Ξ
  • Transfer: ~0.0016501Ξ - 0.0024632Ξ
  • Reroll: ~0.0013352Ξ - 0.00266861Ξ
  • Refund: ~0.0038200Ξ

I rerolled, why hasn't my NFT updated yet.

  • If the reroll transaction is confirmed, by at least 10 blocks, then your art should update. You can verify the new seed using getRandSourceBlock(tokenId) on etherscan and check your art on /viewToken if the hash in viewToken isn't the right one, try the 'force refresh' button on the mint page or notify me over twitter, and please be patient.

Can I reroll only certain traits?

  • No you cannot select traits when rerolling, all traits are generated based off the seed and the only option is to change this seed.

Can I undo a reroll and go back to previous art?

  • No you cannot, changing the seed changes the art permanently.

Where does all the mint money go, how does the refund work?

  • All the ETH from mints stay in the contract, there is no way to remove that balance besides refunding your DragonCurve, this is the only way to ensure everyone can refund their DragonCurve. When you refund your DragonCurve, it will burn the NFT and transfer the minting cost to the refunder.

Where does all the reroll money go?

  • Any ETH that is not from mints is withdrawable by me, the contract owner. This is the main source of income for the project, it goes to paying taxes, keeping the servers running and helps to support me as I venture into this field.

Why ETH? Why not stEth or another liquid staked ETH?

  • Staking further complicates the contract and increases risks. I wanted the contract to be simple enough to verify by people with very basic technical knowledge.

Which traits are rare?