DragonCurve is a generative art collection.

Contract Address:


Artist notes:

Hi my name is Liem, and this is my first project. The DragonCurve is a basic fractal that can be formed by continuously folding a piece of paper in half. Fractals have interested me for a long time. With some basic rules, we can find unexpected beautiful results. If you don't like the generated art, you can reroll and get a new random hash for your NFT and new art. With this project I wish to add to the ecosystem and make my mark on Ethereum history.

In this world, for the short time we are here, to be is to create. I hope you find peace in the simple chaos of this project.


This is an Art NFT, it holds no promises of profits. This is a solo project, the reroll mechanic may not go on forever. There will be sufficient warning before it is disabled and metadata will be locked. The refund feature will always be available.

Special Thanks:

Azukis for ERC-721A, allowing for some gas savings in the contract.
ArtBlocks for inspiration in the p5js code.
OpenAI for ChatGPT, helping me out with some of the code.
Melissa Burr for giving sound advice and wisdom
Ashtar for support and being an amazing being.
Quit for helping with the audit and fostering a great community in his Discord where I continue to hang and learn.